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Contract Manufacturing / Third Party Manufacturing / Private Label Manufacturing


Bentley is happy to be associated as your partner in contract manufacturing. With an experience of more than 35 Years, Bentley has evolved as a qualified manufacturer of specialized nutritional supplements. We are the only ZED Gold rated Nutraceutical manufacturing company in India. The products manufactured at Bentley follow the Zero Defect Zero Effect policy of our H'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji


As a research organization, our aim is to reduce the cost and delivery timeline and effectively assist you in meeting the needs of your customers. We make sure everything, from the manufacturing to the labeling, is in compliance with the guidelines set by the regulatory bodies. Simply put, we make no compromises with the quality of our products. We offer a variety of products ranging from capsules, powders, tablets, and granules. Here are major supplements that we manufacture on contract manufacturing basis listed below.

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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements or dietary supplements play a significant role in supporting the general well-being of every individual. Usage of nutritional supplements has remarkably increased, of late; thanks to increased nutrient deficiency problems. Right nutritional supplements will correct the deficiencies and boost the functions of internal organs and maintain optimum health. All our nutritional supplements are manufactured in our WHO GMP-certified manufacturing unit under utmost hygienic conditions. This way, we make sure that there are no compromises with the quality of our products and your brand’s reputation.

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Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements include natural herbal extracts of vital and rare herbs that improve the overall well-being at the cellular level. These supplements are manufactured from the standardized extracts of whole herbs, seeds and other parts of the plant, and it is available in both single and blended forms.


The ingredients that we use in our herbal supplements are carefully sourced or processed in order to meet the WHO-GMP quality standards. Our plant is AYUSH Premium certified by the department of Ayush, India. 

Sports Supplements

The nutritional demands of athletes are far different from others, as athletes need a comparatively larger quantity of proteins and biomolecules that aid fat loss. Sports supplements and body-building supplements are specially designed keeping the nutritional demands of athletes in mind. We have a good number of sports supplements to choose from, or we can even collaborate with you to compose new sports and body-building formulations that will meet your customers’ nutritional demands.

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Clinical Supplements

Clinical nutritional supplements are specialized disease-specific products that help in the regulation of blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels, weight management and speeding up post-surgery recovery. Clinical nutritional supplements, unlike other forms of medicine, help the body to heal itself by supplying the necessary biomolecules. Our research team is involved in formulating the clinical nutritional supplements that are well-acquainted among the physicians, nutritionists, and dieticians. Each clinical nutritional supplement at Bentley is manufactured with utmost attention to the quality and it is ensured that each batch meets the quality and safety standards and most importantly - the customers’ needs.

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Protein Supplements

Proteins are one of the most essential macronutrients, as these are involved in all major biological activities. These are also the key constituents of bones, skin, hair and many structural components of the body. It is also a key supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. We manufacture different types of protein supplements that might help the users in healthy weight management, muscle development, performance improvement etc. We carefully formulate the proteins supplements for your brand and make sure that these blend well with the protein demands of your customers.

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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins & Minerals, in spite of being needed in micro quantities, play a significant role in all major biochemical activities in the body. Vitamin & Mineral supplements support the overall well-being of an individual. On contract manufacturing basis, we manufacture multivitamin, multimineral supplements, vitamins-herbal supplements and tailored vitamin supplements as per your specifications. We can manufacture vitamin supplements for you in different forms such as capsules, tablets, and powder.

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