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BENTLEY receives prestigious ZED GOLD Certification from Ministry of MSME, India

Bentley received ZED Gold Certification (Level 3) on 21st March, 2023 for upholding the values of Zero effect Zero Defect in its practices

Bangalore, 23/03/2023

Mr. Vasanth Ranka has laid the foundation of Bentley Group with a vision- "A Promise of Good Health." And the ZED GOLD Certification is a proof that BENTLEY GROUP is moving on the right track, keeping up that promise.

Bentley received ZED Gold Certification (Level 3 Highest level) on 21st March, 2023, by upholding the values of Zero Defect Zero Effect in its practices. As per the guidance of the Prime Minister on India's 68th Independence Day anniversary, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India, to make goods with "zero defects" to ensure that the commodities have "zero impact" on the environment.

Being Zed Gold Certified means, Bentley follows the best practices in work culture, standardization of products, processes, systems etc. and also uses the latest technologies to manufacture its products. All products manufactured, and processes used ensures that each and every product is of the highest quality standard(ZERO DEFECT). Additionally, Bentley ensures No damage is caused to the environment during the manufacture of these products (ZERO EFFECT).

This certification is received only after thorough scrutinization by ZED Audit Team under the Ministry of MSME, India. The ZED Gold certification not only increases the credibility of our company and its products, but also makes us more competitive and sustainable.

Cherishing the proud moment Mr Vasanth Ranka, Founder of Bentley Group, said, "The ecosystem around the ZED model is built to make aware, assess & certify, counsel MSMEs and ensure that they rise up the ZED ladder and enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace and making them truly 'Atmanirbhar'. Bentley has already reached the top of the ladder, thus receiving ZED Gold certification. We are happy to have added another feather of success to our cap."

Some of the flagship brands owned by Bentley group includes Glucorade, Vitcose-D, Mucocid, Icin Plus, Beauline, Vitarade, Action Cold and many more.

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